January, 15.”What’s Christmas” seminar.

January of 15 Ministry of Lutheran hour have visited Evangelic and Lutheran Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul. The seminar on a subject has been held: “What’s Christmas” Was present 38 people. From them 17 wasn’t visited the church before. We have tried to inform in a playful way children on Christmas subject. After the seminar – have held interesting workshop for children (floristics – weaving of a wreath from immortelle, scrapbooking – cards, soap manufacture. Besides there were games and, of course, festive entertainments and tea. Children have derived the mass of pleasure and a positive.


Christmas trip to Lutheran church in the Tonkeris village.

While there takes place Christmas holiday at school students, Ministry of Lutheran broadcasting in Kazakhstan has held a Christmas meeting for children in Lutheran church the St. Apostle of Mattew in the Tonkeris village.

The good-home atmosphere was in the church, kind and sympathetic children, many of which became our friends, the hospitable pastor and spirit of the world and love for a long time – here that is remembered from this trip.

We congratulate you for a joyful holiday of Christmas!

Collective of Ministry of Lutheran broadcasting in Kazakhstan heartily congratulates you on a bright holiday of Christmas! Let the God’s world will arrive with you in the coming year!

We already begun mailing our colourful calendars for 2017 for our friends from different areas of Kazakhstan. And then will be able to see the photos which they have sent to us. And at last that, we have released our first version of the LHM Journal magazine. It release for the date the celebration of Christmas, and it has as entertaining stories and stories – for children and adults, and the interesting facts about the celebration of Christmas in the different countries, different eras and in different traditions! Not the unimportant place is taken by both the theological dictionary, and the most interesting article about Christmas of doctor Gennady Honin! If you want to receive the version of the printing edition – please write to us, and we with pleasure will send it to you. And if it is more convenient to you to read on the screen of the computer or the smartphone – please download the online version of our magazine!

download LHM journal#1 in PDF

Prechristmas trip to Pavlodar.

Almost in the Christmas Eve the team Ministry of Lutheran broadcasting in Kazakhstan, has made a trip to the north of Kazakhstan, to the city of Pavlodar, to our close friends – Evangelic Lutheran church and the pastor Nikolay Sharikh. In program there were two actions – a social seminar for adults “Happy marriage – the union of two hearts” and the program for children and teenagers “That is Christmas”.As always there have joyfully and saturated passed days of our seminars, and as always – wait for the fastest meeting with our friends from the city of Pavlodar in new year!

Village Zhalpaksay, Almaty district.

The small village, close to the Kaskelen town has joyfully met our seminars “I am unique”! Very active children and teenagers have come to the meeting with us and we were glad to realize for them heated discussions.  Thanks to these discussions have been lifted many spiritual and social subjects! And of course, we couldn’t do anything without our fascinating workshops where everyone could create exclusive craft!

Village Burundai, Almaty district.

Very hospitable church met us in the village Burundai!

It doesn’t matter that all GPS – navigators doesn’t want to work correctly in this village – it was easy to find the venue of our seminars:  the opened doors and joyful tags on the church building!

Great number of children of different nationalities could be present at seminars, learn the spiritual truth, join Christian values and participate in fascinating workshops!

Village Mezhdurechensk, Almaty district.

The hand-in-hand team of volunteers met us in village Mezhdurechensk . Thanks to what our constant seminar “I am unique” passed on a top-level!

The great number of the children who aren’t visiting church before could learn Christian values and make new good friends!

In addition, our constant workshops strengthened team spirit and befriended all visitors!