New Life as Older Adult

Lyubov, 65 years.

Lyubov  lives in a village; she is disabled and cannot walk after an illness. She got to know about us after a children’s service in her village. We contacted a pastor from the same village and asked him to visit Lyubov. Since that time (September 2011) she is our BCC student.
Dear “Voice of Life”!
I am writing with my warmest greetings to you! The Bible course is over and there is one final task left. I am sad, and I wonder if there is an opportunity to continue knowing Jesus Christ through further study. During the last year of my life there was a great change. Everything changed – my nature, my understanding of many things. I became more patient. Thank you very much for your support. Thank you for the parcel, thank God for taking care of me. I heard other people’s testimonies that you sent me, and I am so happy for them. I think that there is no person who is not affected by these testimonies, remaining indifferent to the destiny of man. It is impossible to remain blind and not see the things the Lord does in people’s life and how it changes. Unfortunately I cannot attend church because of my physical state but every Friday brothers and sisters from the church come to visit me. After their visits I feel so inspired and happy, and I want to hug everybody.

I never thought I could feel that way. I never thought I would know God as I do now, and I am so happy to abide in His love, feel His presence and be united with other believers. I wonder how could I not know this before. How could I wish other pleasures than this? Now everything has changed.
Until the end of my days I will follow the example of Jesus Christ, and certainly will not step away from the Savior.
Well, let me finish here. I am looking forward to knowing God more and more.

With my warmest wishes,  Lyuba

Real Communication

In August 36 people participated in our ETS seminars. Most of them were young people from the movement “Pure Line”.  Alexey Schastliviy, a pastor of “Christ the Saviour” church took an active part in the seminar. The seminar focused on methods of working with young people who are addicted to social networks and bringing them back to personal communication.

Orphan found by God

Darya, 17 years.

Darya is in a Kazakhstan orphanage because her parents drink heavily. Her father used to physically abuse her and her mother. As a result, she fell into a depression and constant fear. She heard about us from her mate in the orphanage, who is our BCC student. Now Darya takes our BCC as well.

Here is a quote from Darya’s letter.

Dear “Voice of Life”
I sincerely thank you for what you have sent me in a parcel. Thank you very much! I did not even expect such a gift. Fellowship with God is a pleasure for me and I am very glad that He is in my life. But you know about my recent challenge in prayer. It is like something pushes me away from God.  I cannot pray since every time I do so, I faint or fall asleep. I want to ask you to help me and pray for my life in the orphanage and for my parents.
In 2005 I first learned the truth about God and I would like to ask you to help me and support me with your faith and love. I wish my parents would come and bring me things that I need. I wish my parents would not drink, and that I had a good life. In a year I will graduate from the orphanage and I do not know what to do next or where to go. Please, pray for me!

With great respect and gratitude to you,