Children of many nations learn of Jesus at Autumn camp

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A four-day Autumn camp took place November 6-9 at Zhalpaksay village during the beginning of autumn school holidays. Изображение 048 The event involved 29 schoolchildren (age: 7~17; ethnic composition : 9 kazakhs, 4 uygurs, otherwise evenly Russian, German, Ukranian). The program includes games, competitions, crafts and talks about Jesus as their friend. Many of these children now attend the church; we also work with them to prepare a Christmas program (musical + Christ-centered declarations etc.) for 23 December.

Изображение 059We look forward to the upcoming Christmas event.

Prisoner prays for LHM to “hit the target”

Bujskij D.B., 42 year old male Bible Correspondence student, started correspondence in April 2011, then stopped as he wrote he’d turn to islam, but then re-started again in April 2012. He is a convicted murderer (double murder), and relatives ceased all communication with him.

May peace and love come to you all in your faith in Father and Lord Jesus Christ. Those faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ may receive all good that comes of Him. I thank my Father every time I think about your mission, about your spreading His word out to all who seek Him. All godly deeds of spreading the light of Salvation, the Good News, all the work toward bringing people the Hope, staying true to Lord Jesus Christ, the world’s Savior – all shall be greatly rewarded by Him via love and blessings.
I have been enrolled in BCC for 10 months, studying the Holy Scripts, and look forward to next lessons. I’d also appreciate your help in obtaining any painting accessories.
Relying on God’s will entirely, I look forward to your letters.
Best wishes in spirit, sincere respect and love in Christ,
D. Bujskij

The greek word for “sinner” means someone missing their goal, i.e. they tend to miss irrespective of how many times they try.
I sincerely wish that YOU all do hit the target well and lead others to reach the target too.

New life and hope

Victoria, 50 years old, lives in Almaty. She is not married and has no children. She wanted to commit suicide, but after reading our book “Pray this way” she realized that suicide would not help her. She has been a BCC student since August, 2012.
Hello dear employees of «Voice of Life»!
I received lessons from you and work on them with great pleasure. Step by step, lesson by lesson I know more about God and realize that there is a meaning in life with him. I do not want to grumble, but my life is very, very hard.
You know, sometimes when life challenges me, I do not want to live. Please, forgive me for these words, but sometimes I feel so depressed that I don’t want to do anything. The only thought that brings me to life is that there is a God who loves me and he can ease my pain. Please, pray for me, so that God would heal my soul and I wouldn’t do this awful sin.
I am so grateful to you that you understand me, and I know you do, because you have seen a lot in your life and know a lot of people who suffer from similar things as I do. I am so lonely, I have no husband or children and life is so hard. It seems impossible to overcome all the challenges by myself. So, my only hope is God.
I will be waiting for more lessons from you. Thank you very much and may God bless you!
With much love and respect,