Mother follows son’s lead to Jesus

Valentina, 42 years old. Her son was our Bible Correspondence student. He told his mother about us, and she decided to learn about her son’s “hobby”. She has become an active BCC student since March 2012.

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I thank our Lord for you, for all who have been chosen and put by Jesus to serve here. There are so many people who need you, need to see the Lord’s light through your work. And there are so many people who already have found salvation thanks to your devoted hearts, thanks to the books you’ve sent. We distributed those books and preached to the people, and so many of them were crying and asking the Lord to forgive them. Many of them opened their hearts to us and shared their most private needs and fears, and the Lord gave them comfort through our common efforts.
Thanks a lot to the Lord that you are here, that today me and my son have this opportunity to study your bible courses, it is such a great help for us in growing in the faith.
All great glory to Jesus Christ for this great privilege, that He entrusted us to tell other people about His love and salvation through Him.
I thank you for the books which you sent me, I liked them very much as well as other people to whom I gave them. If it is possible, please send us about 30 pieces more and other books, if possible too. We will be very glad.
Thanks a lot to you and Jesus Christ for your service, for your devoted hearts. May the Lord bless you richly, and all who work on God’s field.
And we will study further God’s Word with your Bible Correspondence Course, and even when the course will come to an end, we will continue reading, studying His Word.
We will be praying for you and your ministry.
May the Lord bless you.