Oleg Zamuruev travels

“When God closes a door, he opens a window”

Normally our Public Relations manager Oleg Zamuruev is busy corresponding with the thousands of students in our Bible Correspondence Courses. But since the Kazakhstan Religious Law of 2011 has shut down much communication with prisons and orphanages, he has had more time to be involved in personal ministry of late.


In February Oleg Zamuruev went on a trip to visit correspondents in South Kazakhstan. He also visited three churches and 2 groups. He distributed copies of his books on prayer and lives changed by Jesus Christ. Moreover, he recruited 70 students for Bible Correspondence. In total, we recruited 341 new students in February. We sent out 245 Bibles and New Testaments and other items of evangelistic literature to those interested.


Challenges in Prison Ministry

In October 2011, the Kazakhstan government passed a religious law restricting public proclamation of the Gospel outside churches. Recently, our project “Prisons for Christ” was paused because of the new law. For this reason, we lost contacts with all prisons, altogether were lost contacts with 221 students. Presently, we can’t resume correspondence as our letters do not reach most of our addressees. However, we received some letters from prisoners without our lessons. We had 3 parcels returned with the stamp “not allowed” from a prison in Dolinka. The government religious expertise has finished reviewing and all our printed materials were approved for distribution. So, we prepared an open letter addressed to the prosecutor of the committee of religious affairs. We ask him to take relevant measures and make it clear to other authorities that our materials cannot be treated as “not allowed”.
This new law indeed restricts our work.