Repentance and Faith

Igor, 38 years old

Igor was condemned in 2008. We reached out to him with our first Bible Correspondence lesson, but he did not reply at that time. In April we received this letter from him.

Hello, peace and grace of the Lord be with you.

It has been 4 years already since I got your letter and didn’t reply. To tell the truth, I had no idea of what you were talking about in the letter, did not understand why I need it or didn’t want to understand. I was worried only about physical things around me and must admit I was a fool. I thought it was stupid to believe in God and laughed at those who did so. But one day I read a book “Religion in practice” and it crashed my old understanding. I realized that what i did before and how i lived was wrong and actually would lead to eternal death.

I thank Lord Jesus that no matter how sinful a person is, he is ready to forgive and offer love and acceptance. And he can actually transform a person into a better man.

I understand it so deeply that when I read the New Testament I have tears in my eyes and my heart is overwhelmed with so many feelings I can’t even tell you. But I do want to have a friend who is trustworthy, to share these feelings and who can really help me understand those things better. It is hard to find this kind of person and tell everything you need without fear of being deceived. Also, I want to have a Bible, but somehow it is not allowed here. I do have the New Testament though.

As for now, I would like to share again that I do realize that the way I lived before is wrong and sinful and that I need God’s forgiveness and I repent.

Let me finish the letter now. God be with you, and I will be looking forward to hearing from you again soon.


To the Ends of the Earth

DSC00836-1On May 17,18 and 19 LHM-Kazakhstan held 3 one-day Equipping The Saints seminars in Tekeli and Taldykurgan cities. The seminars were conducted by Oleg Zamuruyev. 28 people attended the seminars, and 8 decided to become volunteers for our ministry. This is definitely a success. However, if you look at the photos of this event, you will see that the participants are relatively old. This means that most likely these volunteers will reach out to and bring only those of the same age group. This is great of course, because people of all nations and all ages are important for God. However, we noticed that there is a tendency that less and less young people express their desire to participate in such events. And that’s what bothers us. We are praying and ask God to help us find the solution for this situation.DSC00991-1







In addition to our work with adults, Lena Makarenko also had children’s ministry with our reach out program. The program was based on the story of raising of Lazarus. The goal was to explain that God is a living God who can raise people from the dead. Death is a temporary condition after which people who believe in God will have eternal relationships with God. Another goal was to give out presents to the kids and encourage them to believe in God by telling them there are other kids inDSC00864-1 other countries who believe in God too, and that it was they who sent them the presents.  In addition, we encouraged the kids to share their gifts with other poor kids in the neighboring village. We managed to accomplish all we planned. There were 87 kids participating. All were them were signed up for our  “Researchers” correspondence course.  Some of them already replied.