From Slave to Freedom in Christ

Gulzhakhan, 45 years old.   Гульжахан004 Since childhood she was a slave in her own family. Gulzhakhan performed all the hard work. Brothers beat her every day in the presence of her mother. Гульжахан007 She ate only bread and water at a separate table and dreamed to marry and start a new  life. However, the marriage didn’t solve her problems: her husband did not understand her. One day she heard that Jesus forgives all sins and gives a new life. She began to visit meetings. Soon on the TV saw series of short films “Feel the Power of Change” among which there were some movies made by our Ministry. Гульжахан010She became interested in Jesus even more. But this brought many more new problems. All inhabitants of her village began to terrorize her and accuse of betraying the belief of her fathers. Her daughter was bullied by her group mates and a school principal. But Jesus didn’t leave them. Soon they found brothers and sisters in Christ at a small meeting of Kazakhs and the Uyghur Christians.