Village Zhalpaksay, Almaty district.

The small village, close to the Kaskelen town has joyfully met our seminars “I am unique”! Very active children and teenagers have come to the meeting with us and we were glad to realize for them heated discussions.  Thanks to these discussions have been lifted many spiritual and social subjects! And of course, we couldn’t do anything without our fascinating workshops where everyone could create exclusive craft!

Village Burundai, Almaty district.

Very hospitable church met us in the village Burundai!

It doesn’t matter that all GPS – navigators doesn’t want to work correctly in this village – it was easy to find the venue of our seminars:  the opened doors and joyful tags on the church building!

Great number of children of different nationalities could be present at seminars, learn the spiritual truth, join Christian values and participate in fascinating workshops!

Village Mezhdurechensk, Almaty district.

The hand-in-hand team of volunteers met us in village Mezhdurechensk . Thanks to what our constant seminar “I am unique” passed on a top-level!

The great number of the children who aren’t visiting church before could learn Christian values and make new good friends!

In addition, our constant workshops strengthened team spirit and befriended all visitors!



Trip to Pavlodar (North-Kazakhstan area)

This time community ministry of Lutheran broadcasting in Kazakhstan has gone to the most North part of Kazakhstan – to the city Pavlodar. We were glad to hold our seminar “I am Unique” in local Lutheran church, together with the pastor Sharikh Nikolay. Albeit we have met many difficulties – the heavy road, bad weather, the seminar has taken place very friendly and cheerfully! Children were glad to learn a lot of new, to talk on the concerning subjects and to participate in fascinating workshops!

Trip to the town Kaskelen.

21.07.16 our trip with program “I Am Unique” has ended in Kaskelen. At local church we have been organized the seminar, workshops for children and adults.  For these workshops could come many people, before not familiar with Church!

At seminars have been affected subjects and themes that concerning children and teenagers, and all have found answers to the important questions for them. And workshops have helped for all to become friends and adjust good communication!

We hope to see all these people again in a short time!