We congratulate you for a joyful holiday of Christmas!

Collective of Ministry of Lutheran broadcasting in Kazakhstan heartily congratulates you on a bright holiday of Christmas! Let the God’s world will arrive with you in the coming year!

We already begun mailing our colourful calendars for 2017 for our friends from different areas of Kazakhstan. And then will be able to see the photos which they have sent to us. And at last that, we have released our first version of the LHM Journal magazine. It release for the date the celebration of Christmas, and it has as entertaining stories and stories – for children and adults, and the interesting facts about the celebration of Christmas in the different countries, different eras and in different traditions! Not the unimportant place is taken by both the theological dictionary, and the most interesting article about Christmas of doctor Gennady Honin! If you want to receive the version of the printing edition – please write to us, and we with pleasure will send it to you. And if it is more convenient to you to read on the screen of the computer or the smartphone – please download the online version of our magazine!

download LHM journal#1 in PDF


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