Reformation in Christianity: historical value and sociocultural influence in the modern world

On April 6, 2017 the department of religious studies of faculty of social sciences of University of L. N. Gumilyov and Evangelic and Lutheran Church in the Republic of Kazakhstan have held the international scientific conference “Reformation in Christianity: historical value and sociocultural influence in the modern world”.In a conference the vice rector for strategic development of University, the bishop of Evangelic and Lutheran church have taken part in the Republic of Kazakhstan, ambassadors of Finland and Sweden in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the deputy of Mazhilis of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Bishop of Kaskelen, the Vicar of the Diocese of Astana of Russian Orthodox Church, the bishop-assistant of archdiocese of Saint Maria in Astana, the representative from Naib-Mufti of Spiritual management of Muslims of Kazakhstan, the rector of theological seminary of Evangelic and Lutheran church of Russia and many others.Conferees have noted a big contribution of Lutheran communities to development of healthy civil society of Kazakhstan. It has especially been noted that thanks to the weighed, thought over and consistently pursued policy of our President, representatives various faiths and religions have such opportunity to gather, discuss various problems, being respectful the friend to the friend. In the conclusion of a conference undergraduates of 1 course  of Gumilev L. N. University have tried as speakers before such representative audience


Celebration of the Nauryz

On March 24 employees of Service of Lutheran Ministry in Kazakhstan have participated in the celebration of the Nauryz which was celebrated at “Truth Light”church.
Thanks to wise policy of our government various people of Kazakhstan have an opportunity together to celebrate this joyful spring holiday

Chance Encounters

Pavel, 12 years old, of the Akmola oblast, has come to faith through our youth ministry. Pavel lives in a family with many children. His parents can have jobs only from spring through summer. In winter there’s no other job in the village. They repair houses. Father earns a bit on the constructions. Pavel got to know the Lutheran Hour through his classmate, who registered his name on our correspondence course club “Explorers”. Through this course, correspondence with us and literature that we’ve been sending him, Pavel heard about God, His love and believed in Jesus as his Savior. He is very thankful for the correspondence course, for relationship and prayer support. And he believes that soon his whole family will become followers of Jesus.

Her Music Glorifies God

Permyakova Valentina Nikolayevna, Petropavel city.  She is disabled in hearing ability, almost can’t hear anything, because of that she doesn’t attend the church. In studying the Scripture, our Bible lessons are helping her a lot. Even though she struggles with hearing, she has written many wonderful songs about God, Jesus Christ, and about God’s love to us and to her. She has sent some of her songs to us and let us use them for God’s glory.

Uyghur outreach

 ZhursynZhursyn in conversation is a 40 year old native Kazakh who lives in a small village of Kazakhstan.

Zhursyn had a successful business in the fishing industry, but once God touched his heart and called him to serve the Uyghurs,  Zhursyn left everything, moved to a small village where only Uyghurs lived and started a church.  During the first years of service there were rigid persecutions by the authorities and imams. Young protesters threatened him with physical violence.  The authorities did not allow Zhursyn even to rent a room, let alone buy a house.

One day Zhursyn met our production manager at a seminar where he learned about LHM – Voice of Life. There, Zhursyn asked if his example could become a testimony for other missionaries. He hoped to inspire them to work with people in small villages and auls, where many ethnic Russians,  Kazakhs and people of other ethnicity live.

Young man responds after 9 years

When Yevgenij was 16, he saw one of our TV programs and wrote us a letter. We replied and he received our first Bible Correspondence lesson and a Bible. But Zhenya (short for Yevgenij) didn’t reply. Only 9 years later he replied to us and sent a letter with answers to the first BCC lesson. Zhenya is an orphan. He works and lives alone now. He told us that he didn’t write because he thought it was a shame to write to us while he himself had so many sins. Now, he understands that Jesus does not count sins but wants to forgive and give a new life when a person repents of his sins. Zhenya is now keen to learn more about Jesus and wants to have a good relationship with him. He is now fully dependent on Jesus and says “I do want to get married, of course, but first I must look upon Jesus and see what he has prepared for me. I also want to have a good car, but then I remember that Jesus himself entered Jerusalem on a donkey and still was respected and well-received.” Zhenya is very thankful to the “Voice of Life” because it gave him a good push out of his sinful life to salvation through Jesus Christ.

From Slave to Freedom in Christ

Gulzhakhan, 45 years old.   Гульжахан004 Since childhood she was a slave in her own family. Gulzhakhan performed all the hard work. Brothers beat her every day in the presence of her mother. Гульжахан007 She ate only bread and water at a separate table and dreamed to marry and start a new  life. However, the marriage didn’t solve her problems: her husband did not understand her. One day she heard that Jesus forgives all sins and gives a new life. She began to visit meetings. Soon on the TV saw series of short films “Feel the Power of Change” among which there were some movies made by our Ministry. Гульжахан010She became interested in Jesus even more. But this brought many more new problems. All inhabitants of her village began to terrorize her and accuse of betraying the belief of her fathers. Her daughter was bullied by her group mates and a school principal. But Jesus didn’t leave them. Soon they found brothers and sisters in Christ at a small meeting of Kazakhs and the Uyghur Christians.