Seminar for children in Zhalpaksay village

In the period of spring holidays, employees of Service of Lutheran Hour Ministry in Kazakhstan have visited our friends the village Zhalpaksay. Within the action seminars on subjects have been held: “What was seeded” and “Smile”. And, of course, games and workshops which have brought many smiles and only the most pleasant impressions.

The team of Service of Lutheran Hour Ministry in Kazakhstan looks forward for new meetings.

Celebration of the Nauryz

On March 24 employees of Service of Lutheran Ministry in Kazakhstan have participated in the celebration of the Nauryz which was celebrated at “Truth Light”church.
Thanks to wise policy of our government various people of Kazakhstan have an opportunity together to celebrate this joyful spring holiday

January, 15.”What’s Christmas” seminar.

January of 15 Ministry of Lutheran hour have visited Evangelic and Lutheran Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul. The seminar on a subject has been held: “What’s Christmas” Was present 38 people. From them 17 wasn’t visited the church before. We have tried to inform in a playful way children on Christmas subject. After the seminar – have held interesting workshop for children (floristics – weaving of a wreath from immortelle, scrapbooking – cards, soap manufacture. Besides there were games and, of course, festive entertainments and tea. Children have derived the mass of pleasure and a positive.


Christmas trip to Lutheran church in the Tonkeris village.

While there takes place Christmas holiday at school students, Ministry of Lutheran broadcasting in Kazakhstan has held a Christmas meeting for children in Lutheran church the St. Apostle of Mattew in the Tonkeris village.

The good-home atmosphere was in the church, kind and sympathetic children, many of which became our friends, the hospitable pastor and spirit of the world and love for a long time – here that is remembered from this trip.

Prechristmas trip to Pavlodar.

Almost in the Christmas Eve the team Ministry of Lutheran broadcasting in Kazakhstan, has made a trip to the north of Kazakhstan, to the city of Pavlodar, to our close friends – Evangelic Lutheran church and the pastor Nikolay Sharikh. In program there were two actions – a social seminar for adults “Happy marriage – the union of two hearts” and the program for children and teenagers “That is Christmas”.As always there have joyfully and saturated passed days of our seminars, and as always – wait for the fastest meeting with our friends from the city of Pavlodar in new year!

Trip to Pavlodar (North-Kazakhstan area)

This time community ministry of Lutheran broadcasting in Kazakhstan has gone to the most North part of Kazakhstan – to the city Pavlodar. We were glad to hold our seminar “I am Unique” in local Lutheran church, together with the pastor Sharikh Nikolay. Albeit we have met many difficulties – the heavy road, bad weather, the seminar has taken place very friendly and cheerfully! Children were glad to learn a lot of new, to talk on the concerning subjects and to participate in fascinating workshops!

Trip to the town Kaskelen.

21.07.16 our trip with program “I Am Unique” has ended in Kaskelen. At local church we have been organized the seminar, workshops for children and adults.  For these workshops could come many people, before not familiar with Church!

At seminars have been affected subjects and themes that concerning children and teenagers, and all have found answers to the important questions for them. And workshops have helped for all to become friends and adjust good communication!

We hope to see all these people again in a short time!