January, 15.”What’s Christmas” seminar.

January of 15 Ministry of Lutheran hour have visited Evangelic and Lutheran Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul. The seminar on a subject has been held: “What’s Christmas” Was present 38 people. From them 17 wasn’t visited the church before. We have tried to inform in a playful way children on Christmas subject. After the seminar – have held interesting workshop for children (floristics – weaving of a wreath from immortelle, scrapbooking – cards, soap manufacture. Besides there were games and, of course, festive entertainments and tea. Children have derived the mass of pleasure and a positive.


Youth Ministry in the village Arna (of Almaty region)

The Lutheran Hour Ministry in Kazakhstan held its regular workshop for children and teenagers from 1st – 3rd of June 2016, in the village Arna of Almaty region. The theme of the Seminar: “You are unique!” was also timed for the Children’s Day, which many Kazakhstanis celebrated on June 1st. Theme of the seminar interested not only children but also their parents. Many mothers and grandparents came to see and listen. Some of the adults participated in master classes. The Lutheran Hour staff provided material humanitarian assistance to children living in a rehabilitation center along with their parents.
At the end of the workshop there was a surprise awaiting each participant. They were handed out coloring books, notepads and albums. All the products are developed by production team. And the most interesting gift for each child is his picture on the memory of our meeting. On the photo we’ve located our logo and ministry contacts.

New Directions

Starting from March 30th through April 4th, Director Vladimir and Production Manager Pavel have participated in the Eurasian Partnership conference. As a result of the meeting, the partnership will send us by May 10 printing equipment to print lessons, booklets, brochures and more.

We also agreed to launch a new service for us – phone messaging. While we prepare the content in Russian, Kazakh and Uighur languages, the partnership will supply us with equipment for this service. Briefly about this service: through the respondents, churches, Internet and personal meetings we distribute phone numbers on which people can get different spiritual information – Bible verses, stories every day, stories for children, spiritual poetry, music, parables, and more. The service will have multiple phone numbers, one for each mobile operator in Kazakhstan.

We’ve been given 240 MicroSD cards for free with programs and audio books in Kazakh language, which will be reviewed for doctrinal content and then distributed to Kazakh speaking respondents.